Waterfront Project

Taiheyo Cement Wharf

Mlion Corporation Pte Ltd worked together with contractor BNR Construction and Development Corporation to provide Straight Web Sheet Piles and Hat Type Sheet Piles for the project. The project utilized both NSP-SP-FL and NSP-SP-FXL in lengths of up to 14m in length, as well as providing all the required details to create the corner and junction piles for the project.

Project Info

For this project, the configuration was a diaphragm type cell construction. A fabricated frame was used to construct the required shape of the piles, while providing the alignment and support during the driving phase. Hat Type 50H Sheet Piles of length 22m was also used at various locations to anchor down the piles and as connection to pier structures.

Straight Web or Flat Web type sheet piles are a weight efficient solution in providing a gravity structure that can be constructed quickly and efficiently with no prior support. Its mostly used in Ports, Reclamation and for construction of large retaining structures in open waters. The piles for this project were supplied from Nippon Steel’s factory and shipped directly to Cebu.

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