The steel industry is a significant contributor to global CO₂ emissions. The processes involved in the production of steel requires copious amounts of fossil fuels and is energy intensive. With steel being the most utilised material known to man, it is unfortunate that the manufacturing of steel is one of the greatest emitters of greenhouse gases that is polluting the atmosphere and is detrimental to our climate.

Mlion Corporation Pte Ltd is BIG on change and is ever passionately invested in developing game-changing innovations and solutions that are sorely lacking in the steel industry. Mlion believes in Pioneering Innovative Solutions for Tomorrow’s Challenges, and that focus can be seen with its fervent adoption towards technology. Technology is integrated not simply in the manner of streamlining processes for the industry, but with the integration of advanced applications and systems. This approach will advertently promote efforts toward decarbonisation of steel industry. With Innovative Solutions Redefined the steel industry is set on the path to a more sustainable and greener future.


MLION Hot Rolled (MHZ) Sheet Piles are engineered to consist of 20% lesser steel materials in the manufacturing process. They are built wider in form than the traditional sheet piles. This results in fewer sections being required for projects regardless of size. MHZ sheet piles are designed to have a longer life span with high tensile steel of S355GP or higher, where durability is achieved through stiffness, and the possibility of damage is significantly decreased during driving. This results in the suitability for reuse for at least ten years, making the MHZ a viably sustainable steel material.



GoListid is a B2B steel marketplace that vigorously promotes the reusability of preowned steel materials through its vast and readily available network of domestic and international buyers and sellers. With the efficient and prompt matching of supply with demand, we can prevent the premature scrapping of perfectly reusable steel materials way before the end of the product’s lifespan. The heightened reusability of steel enforces sustainability efforts through the elimination of needless production, thus promoting a robust circular economy. Each ton of steel that avoids premature scrapping helps to prevent CO2 emissions, contributing to a more sustainable world.



GoTagID is a tagging solution that solves the never ceasing issue faced by the steel industry where critical data of the materials goes missing from traditional identification methods. Enabling the tracing of data and tracking the location of every steel material out there allows the materials to be retrievable and verified for reuse which is complementary to the enhancement of the GoListid solution. GoTagID as a solution answer perfectly to BCA 1: 2012 regulations on the traceability of reusable sheet piles and structural steel materials used in steel strutting system for earth retaining stablising structures (ERSS). With a unique ID assigned to each steel material ensures that traceability of whatever quality control checks were previously introduced or recorded which includes references to factory production control (FPC) certificate, manufacturer test certificate, inspection records and test reports.

Four Roll Bending Plant (FRB)

The FRB Plant is an innovation that enables the mobilisation and setup of a pipe production facility to roll pipes on site. It is ideal for project locations that are highly inaccessible to heavy vehicles. The FRB Plant solves this issue as it is engineered with mobility in mind, where all equipment and materials can be fitted and transported by 20-foot containers for steel plates to be rolled on site without the need for grid power. It is an excellent solution for Mini Hydro Plants as they are typically erected on hilly terrain as they require the downward stream of water to generate hydroelectric power to supply sustainable electricity to communities located in its vicinity.

Employment and Workplace Safety

Mlion is an equal opportunity employer that does not base its hiring decisions on gender, colour, ethnicity, nationality, culture, or any other biased forms of segregation of individuals in its employment process. The organisation firmly believes in the potential of every individual and aims to develop their capabilities through industry experience while in tenure. Mlion is feels strongly for the approach to promote from within the organisation before hiring outwardly. Mlion believes in embracing diversity, the support of human rights, and promoting gender equality in the workplace will be vital for the sustainability and success of the organisation.

Staff wellbeing and safety is a priority for the organisation as it has in place guidelines and processes which all staff members must adhere strictly to. In place, medical insurance and benefits are provided to all staff should they fall in need of relevant medical assistance or support.

Company-wide Recycling Efforts & Sustainability Awareness

All staff are strongly encouraged to practice and adopt sustainable efforts towards reusing, reducing, and recycling. Green guidelines are provided in the work environment to remind the team on maintaining the conscious effort of using or reusing the resources made available to them and making informed decisions towards waste management. In this digital age, the organisation also advocates for employees to go paperless and not to print needlessly. Digital versions of physical collaterals are made readily available for dissemination, as fewer printed copies are now produced.


Flood protection and waterfront structures for berthing facilities for harbours and port projects.


Substructure Foundation Works for Drilling,Tunneling and Earth Retaining Structures.


Crane Rails and Accessories for Port
and Material Handling purposes.


Consultancy for design
and feasibility studies.