It is important as an organisation to reduce our carbon emissions and work towards a sustainable ecological footprint. We reduce our activities on the environment by pursuing activities that promotes lower carbon emissions and encouraging the re-use and repurposing of metals in our trade.

At Mlion we are committed at recognising environmental risks in our daily operational processes and making assessments towards circumventing the issues identified in the soonest possibility. Renewable fuels and energy are relied upon wherever possible, in every opportunity. We advocate and strongly promote that steel is re-used in all our projects to minimise environmental impact. Good environmental practises are applied throughout the supply chain to comply with environmental laws and regulations. Our performance towards sustainability is constantly monitored and improved in areas which are lacking.

Circular Economy through
reuse and recycling

Steel material in many projects can be reused for 5-10 year periods. However in many occasions, they are scrapped unnecessarily. We see a key goal in reducing the carbon footprint by encouraging the use of preowned steel material to reduce wastage and hence reduce the use of coal to reproduce new steel.

Mlion Corporation will pilot 2 new projects that aim to encourage the reusability

of steel and hence giving steel a second lease of life:

A digital B2B steel marketplace that will encourage the greener use of steel by providing an avenue where buyers and sellers can trade and find materials for their projects.

A service providing traceability to steel materials, therefore creating surety in the quality of the products to be reused. It will be used to tag items and maintain quality documents long after the materials have been shipped out. These tags can also be used to provide traceability on Green Steel and its certifications.