Crane Rails




Product introduction

As a Gantrex Distributor, we are able to provide the following accessories for YOUR Crane Rail projects.

CLIPS: Clips are essential in holding down the rails onto the anchoring base. Adjustable weldable clips provide ease in maintenance and installation. Dependent on the side loading of the crane, the clips strength requirements can be better determined. For durability, we recommend galvanized, forged bottom parts and hot vulcanized rubber nose type clips for your projects.

RailLok Series of Clips W15 / W20 / W25 / W30

PADS: Pads are material which help transfer and soften loading of the crane onto the rails. They ensure longer lasting rails and reduce maintenance over the lifespan of the usage. We recommend new RailLok pads which are extremely durable, with a high tensile re-inforced steel sandwich in the material. Gantrex’s RailLok pads built on the reputation of MK6 pad, has a proven track record and has been used for many port projects around the world.

Holding Down Bolts or Anchor Bolts

CEMENT BASED GROUT: Both Epoxy and Cement are commonly used as trench materials, but due to ease and availability, we will recommend Cementous Grout for projects.

Gantrex 035 cementous grout is a suitable material for projects. It is a high performance non-shrink grout mix which is specially developed and manufactured in Europe for crane rail usage. They are packed in 25kg bags and can be mixed on site for immediate usage.

SOLE PLATES: Sole plates should be a minimum steel grade of EN 10025: S235 or JIS Standard SS400B Steel grade.

SUPERVISION: In conjunction with Gantrex, MLION CORPORATION is able to provide supervision for your project and welding training if required. We recommend Aluminothermic Welding for appropriate splicing of the rails on site. 

Our supervision would include checking of method statements, installation procedures, alignment of rails and a 2 day course to teach welders the correct way of conducting Aluminothermic Welding.


Projects Supplied

  • Manila North Harbour Port Inc.
  • Sarangani Power Station
  • Sem Calaca Power Plant
  • MPGC Power Plant Bataan
  • Manila North Harbour Port
  • MICT Berth 7
  • Port of Batangas
  • Davao International Container Terminal 
  • Capitol Steel 
  • Oro Cement Davao


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Crane Rails and Accessories for Port
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