What are Rails?

We provide a full suite of services related to Rail related applications such as Design, Supply, Accessories, Installation, Supervision and Inspection.

Key Target Applications

Shipyard Rails

Port Ship to Shore Rails


Cargo Handling

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Aluminothermic Welding, Rails & Accessories

Crane Rail welding is often complicated and requires skilled labor carry out the process effectively to ensure longevity of the rails during usage. At MLION CORPORATION, we highly recommend the use of Aluminothermic Welding of joining rails together. We supply the kits, consumables, equipment and labor to allow for such welding jobs to take place.
In collaboration with Gantrex, we provide the necessary know-how and warranty on the welding jobs done.

Crane rails are suitable for Port and Harbour applications whereby ship to shore cranes or container movement is required. They could also be used for Industrial Applications whereby heavy lift items needs to be transported or skidded out for loading.

In 2016, MLION CORPORATION was appointed as distributors of Gantrex Rail Products in The Philippines. Gantrex is a worldwide leader in Crane Rail Solutions with 40 years of experience supplying to major ports and infrastructure projects worldwide.

We cover a wide range of crane rails and we source from European and China origins.

Products related to rails


Wide Range of Rail Sizes Available


RailLok Series of Clips and Pads, Sole Plates, Anchor Bolts and Grout


Aluminothermic Welding or Flash Butt Welding