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Product introduction

O-Pile systems are a rapidly expanding construction method that utilise pipes to form extremely strong foundations, barriers and retaining walls in a cost-effective way.

O-Piles are steel pipes with welded-on patented connectors that form a continuous or combined steel wall. O-Piles offer a stronger, more efficient, and cost-effective alternative to high modulus wall using beams and heavy Z or U-Type sheet piles.


  • Waterfront Projects
  • Infrastructure 
  • Rail and Tunnels
  • Harbours
  • Underground
  • Substructure
  • Bridges
  • Utilities
  • Environmental Protection


Reasons why engineers and designers now consider O-Pile system to be superior:

  • Efficiency: In traditional combi-wall systems like HZM and Pipe Sheet Pile, weight and strength are increased linearly. In Pipe-Pipe Wall, a given wall thickness has almost negligible weight increase as pipe diameter increases, while strength increases. 
  • Capacity: The load bearing capacity of O-Piles are significantly higher than Z and U shape sheet piles. In many cases, they could eliminate crane rail footings on the quay side.
  • Connectors: O-Piles connectors are designed specifically for the application of Pipe-Pipe walls, hence they are easier to weld and install as compared to other Pipe-Pipe wall methods. The interlocks are hot extruded to provide unmatched strength and elongation characteristics that resist extremely high tension and rotational forces to more than 3400 kN/m.

O-Pile DTH
(DTH Applications)

O-Pile L-T
100mm Width

O-Pile P-T
180mm Width

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