What are Tie Rods?

Tie Rods are connecting elements to transfer the load from the main wall to the anchor wall, providing greater passive resistance to prevent soil collapse from occuring.

With access to several top tie rod mills worldwide, we are able to offer a wide range of upset end tie rods options for your construction requirements. Our tie rods have been used extensively in projects over Asia. We supply the rods in full sets (with turnbuckles, bolts and plates) hence simplifying your workflow on site. Customization on the size, thickness, configuration, steel grades are available upon enquiry.

Tension Grade
Nominal Diameter
Min Tensile Strength
Min Yield Strength
Minimum Elongation
Reduction of Area
Impacting Energy J
mm MPa Mpa % % 20oC 0oC -20oC -40oC -50oC
345 20 – 210 470 345 21 50 34 34 34 27
460 20 – 210 610 460 19 50 50 45 34 27
550 20 – 180 750 550 17 50 39 39 27 27
650 20 – 150 850 650 15 45 34 34 27 27

Type D2 Steel Tie Rods

Min Diameter: 35mm
Max Diameter: 210mm
Threads: Up to 410mm
Our flagship Type D2 Steel Tie Rods are made from upset ends with eye. The eye provides a hinge point for the rods to transfer loadings in the most efficient manner.
The couplers, turnbuckles or articulated joints provide freedom in motion for the rods to tension at precise points required as per requirements.

Type D2 Steel Tie Rods

Min Diameter: 20mm
Max Diameter: 210mm
Threads: Up to 410mm
Our Type II Steel Tie Rods are made with upset end. The whole cross section of the shaft can be stressed without any reduction due to notch factor.
This equates to reduced weight, lower cost, easier handling and a more uniform elongation across the bar.

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