Project Services

We provide feasibility studies; design consultation and engineering know how to customers in our field. This collaborative approach has helped companies better asses their project viability during planning and design stage, and subsequently sharpen their tender and procurement processes during implementation. 


Mlion is unique in the industry in its approach to working with customers on its projects. By listening and understanding our customers’ requirements, we are better able to advise and provide value added design, alternative proposals, and feasibility studies for prospective customers. Our in-house design team analyse based on soil conditions and site inspection the most cost-effective foundation solution for projects. We can also run engineering analysis on strength of walls required and full design on rails for projects. CAD drawings and calculations are provided as part of the service for our customers.


Mlion Corporation through its network and experience have provided services beyond steel supply to waterfront and underground construction markets. Over the years, we have provided Fabrication Services, Logistics and Trading Services for companies and customers across our network of offices in Southeast Asia.



Mlion Corporation have successfully delivered fabrication projects for Intake and Outfall structures for power plants, Catwalk for Jetty and Piers and customised wharf furnitures.


Being a market leader across Southeast Asian region, we have cargoes that move consistently across trade routes from North and Eastern China to Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Our base cargo allows us to undertake and charter breakbulk vessels which has enabled us to also take on project cargoes such as equipment and machinery. We have also undertaken logistics for Oil and Gas items such as Lubricants, Oil, and Bitumen products in various packing forms.

Trading Services

With our network of Local Offices across a wide range of countries, we have helped our customers to import and export materials, equipment, machinery and provided custom clearance and local storage and logistics to facilitate market entry.

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Flood protection and waterfront structures for berthing facilities for harbours and port projects.


Substructure Foundation Works for Drilling,Tunneling and Earth Retaining Structures.


Crane Rails and Accessories for Port
and Material Handling purposes.


Consultancy for design
and feasibility studies.