Waterfront Project

Tacloban Surge Project

Mer Lion Metals Pte Ltd and through its subsidiary Certuso Structural Specialists Corporation has supplied 4000 sheets of MMU 13-6 for Tacloban Storm Surge Protection project for DPWH Philippines.

Project Info

The sheet piles being utilized as part of the storm protection design for barrier wall along the coast of Tacloban. Being one of the worst hit areas of Typhoon Haiyan (Super Typhoon Yolanda), the city is still undergoing major upgrading works to return the city to its former self. This project which was done with the help of DPWH and its consultants, aim to provide a protection wall to avoid future devastation if typhoons were to hit Tacloban again.

We currently keep regular stock of sheet piles in Tacloban to serve the requirements of the project and also for other flood control, soil retaining wall purposes.

Mer Lion Metals Pte Ltd and its subsidiary Certuso Structural Specialists Corporation is a major supplier of steel sheet piles in the Philippines. We supply the largest range of Cold Formed Sheet Piles and keep stock of both Hot Rolled and Cold Formed Sheet Piles in various locations across Philippines.

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