Rail Projects

Crane on rails have traditionally been the best method of consistently handling heavy duty materials over a span of distance. Having the right crane rail solution is vital to the success of a project such as a Port or Coal Fired Power Plant which consistently requires containers or bulk to be lifted and unloaded on a constant basis.


Our team have worked with numerous ports and power plants to provide complete rail solutions for their projects. We provide design and consultation together with consultants on the system required, as well as planning, logistics, manpower for installation for the projects. 

We implement market leading technologies in our products such as double wedge system in our clips, adjustable sole plates and aluminothermic welding in our projects.

Our installation team can mobilise on site and provide welding, inspection, and commissioning services for new port installations as well as repairs for existing projects. Our clients include Manila North Harbour Port, International Container Terminal Services Incorporated, Batangas Port, Davao International Container Terminal, San Miguel Corporation and many other Steel, Power Plants and Industrial Plants in the region.


We work closely with owners early into the project to better understand their rail requirements and customise a solution that fits their budget. We provide onsite inspection to understand the site conditions, feasibility studies, estimations, calculations on load, maintenance, and technical drawings. These are some of the services we provide for the customer for them to be better prepared for the project.


We supply Crane Rails from the world’s leading mills and provide Gantrex’s flagship RailLok Clips, Pads and Accessories which represents the industry’s best technology. We also provide rail buffers and stoppers and TrenchLok products for cable protection.


Rails are used to facilitate crane movement along a track and to resist any sideway movements over time. This simple endeavor requires calculation and skilled labour to install and weld the rails using aluminothermic welding. Constant monitoring and maintenance is required to keep the rails performing as designed and to prevent damage to current crane structure.


At Mlion Corporation, we provide turnkey services such as provision of long term warranty on the items, design feasibility, material supply and any welding requirements on site.

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