For the last 10 years, Mlion has been regarded as a leader in the Waterfront sectors for Sea Fronting, Shoreline, Inland and River Structure projects.

Solution Summary

We are active in Shoreline Structures for Material Handling projects catering to Physical, Bulk, Container and Liquid cargo. These material handling projects often include Power Generation Projects such as Coal Fired and LNG Power Plants which require vessels to be berthed and unloaded. 

Apart from material handling, we also undertake projects such as wave barriers, breakwaters, and mooring dolphins for ship berthing and protection of shorelines

For Inland and River Projects, we have also undertaken dredging, river deepening, training of rivers, reclamations, and wide scale flood mitigations projects for government authorities in Southeast Asia. 

Our long length steel pipes (up to 100m) coupled with high strength steel grade has been an industry hallmark. We deliver the piles in vessels directly to site, and work with port authorities to allow for discharging of materials close to site location, and transfer to barge. 

Our O-Pile Steel Pipe Sheet Pile Solution with our patented interlocks provide unrivalled strength to weight ratio above competing Pipe Sheet Pile and Beam Sheet Pile Combi Walls. Its interlock strength is at least 3x stronger than rival interlocks like C9, L-T, P-T and P-P. 

Our expertise lies in the Unique Engineering Value we provide to our customers and contractors when we propose cost savings solutions which can be implemented for their projects. We do not solely look at the product pricing but focus also on the overall costs of the entire project such as installation, timeline, logistics, discharging and handling of the piles to better achieve the project owner goals. As many of the solutions involve materials designed specifically for the project, the Mlion team listens, understands, and customises an innovative solution for each individual project.


Waterfront is the lifeblood of economies around the world. Many lives and communities depend on the waterfront to have structures for vessels to safely berth and unload and load items in them. Further inland, these waterfront are rivers for communities to conduct agriculture, and homes for people to live in. Having a safe place to live in therefore becomes paramount. It is with this approach that we take great pride in the projects we undertake and endeavour to provide customers with great customer service.


Our customers approach us when they have a difficult solution to solve, or a difficult project criteria to meet. Each of these projects here represent an Innovative Solution that we brought to the customer and Redefining the way we supply steel. 

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Flood protection and waterfront structures for berthing facilities for harbours and port projects.


Substructure Foundation Works for Drilling,Tunneling and Earth Retaining Structures.


Crane Rails and Accessories for Port
and Material Handling purposes.


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