MHZ Sheet Piles in 24m Stock

MHZ Sheet Piles in long length of 24m stocked in Singapore.


Mlion Corporation is currently stocking 24m length of sheet piles for various MHZ Sizes to facilitate project requirements in the South East Asia region. Z Shape sheet pile have been used for many projects in the region especially for waterfront and reclamation projects. By providing ready access to long length piles.

The MHZ Sheet Pile range provides unrivalled advantages in sheet pile technology as compared to commonly used JIS Type Sheet Piles. The are the top 10 advantages of the piles:

1. Faster Piling Speeds due to wider 700mm or 770mm width.
2. No Interlock Slippage as per EN1993-Part5 (Eurocode 3 Part 5) unlike U Shape.
3. Not too wide in shape, so piling is easy. Can be driven in Single or Double Paring Methods.
4. We stock in 24m which can be used for almost all project requirements with quick response on delivery.
5. Hot Rolled Interlocks providing strong and durable Larssen Type connection with good water tightness. Strengthened at critical points to provide stiffer pile for good driving tolerances.
6. Cost Effective pricing and overall weight savings for the same section modulus.
7. Typically 10-15% savings in overall cost.
8. Have been used effectively across South East Asia with good track record.
9. Provide an alternative to AZ Sheet Piles which many contractors have experience using.
10. Provides a stronger interlock and reserve strength as compared to Cold Formed Sheet Piles.

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