GoListid & GoTagID Commercial Launch

On 11 August 2023, Mlion Corporation proudly launched its innovations – GoListid and GoTagID. The celebratory event was graced by Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Trade & Industry. The launch was also attended by representatives from various government agencies, financial institutions, built environment industries, as well as industry and technological partners.

The innovations, GoListid and GoTagID, aim to target the pain points of stakeholders within the steel and construction industry.






















It is a common problem within the industry that pre-owned steel is often scrapped due to several issues like timing mismatches and the difficulty of closing the deal due to multiple layers of middlemen. GoListid aims to address these problems and redefine the steel industry by digitising the steel marketplace.

As a digital B2B steel marketplace, GoListid will help to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. The system provides transparency and ease of access to any information the buyer could require. The platform will show crucial information on the steel materials, and dedicated customer service support is also available and highly responsive during operational hours. 

GoListid also promotes sustainability by facilitating the reusing of steel rather than scrapping it prematurely, helping to reduce carbon emissions in the process. Although steel can be recycled, the energy required for the operation is also significant. In addition, for every ton of steel that is reused, we are preventing 1.8 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, by providing a platform for promoting the reuse of pre-owned steel, GoListid aims to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a more sustainable world.

GoListid also introduced the industry’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered 5-point rust grading system. With it, there is transparency in identifying the current state of the steel materials, allowing for ease of transaction. 




















GoTagID addresses another core pain point for the steel industry – traceability. All along, steel materials were marked with a simple sticker. However, these stickers are often eroded to illegibility even during transportation. Suffice to say, these stickers are unable to survive harsh environmental conditions.

GoTagID aims to address this with the Rapide and Endure Tags. The Rapide Tag, is a cost-effective tag that contains an RFID chip. It will allow the user to store crucial information in the cloud, ensuring that the information and data are secured and retrievable at any time. When a project requires steel materials to withstand harsh conditions or strong vibrations and extreme heat, the Rapide Tag is not resilient enough to handle vigorous use. To address that, the Endure Tag is far more resilient and is designed for repeated use. The chip is housed in a steel casing and can last 3-5 years even when subjected to heat, vibration, mechanical impact and water corrosion.

With these innovations, Mlion hopes to redefine the steel industry and address key pain points of its customers. Constantly innovating, Mlion is developing sensors to complement the GoTagID tags, enabling them to detect various readings involving strain, pressure, temperature, motion and even light.





































Mlion Corporation is committed to innovating and will continue to strive for excellence within the steel and construction industry. Mlion would like to thank Enterprise Singapore for the various grants and development programmes that have helped with the growth of both ventures, as well as financial institutions for believing in our vision by supporting us with funding the endeavours. Mlion would also like to thank our industry partners, customers, and friends who have continuously driven and inspired us to continually innovate and to provide game-changing solutions to this sunset industry.

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