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Mer Lion Metals Pte Ltd is pleased to announce that GEO5 2016 Software by Fine Software Europe will be including MMU and MMZ Profiles into their global update catalog coming 1Q2016. GEO5 is a premier suite of software solutions capable of handling all Geotechnical tasks. The software is able to conduct Finite Element Analysis and modelling of soil and substructure work, which many of our customers and consultants deal with. Current users of the software includes consultants such as Arup, Mott McDonald and Amberg Engineering to name a few.

This inclusion of our Cold Formed Steel Sheet Piles range provides all customers worldwide the ability to model our sheet piles for analysis and determining the suitability for various sheet piling applications.

We are also working with Fine Software to have our full product range to be included and we will be launching Seminars across Asia to help our customers better understand how to use GEO5 Software and its benefits.

In the mean time, do take a look at some of the key features of GEO5 and also how to purchase it. 

Full List of Customers currently using GEO5 Software in Asia. 

Mer Lion Metals Pte Ltd

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