Welcoming Ms Megan Toh, Mlion’s first Singapore Industry Scholar

Mlion Corporation Pte Ltd is thrilled to have participated in its first Singapore Industry Scholarship (SgIS) and is excited to have Megan officially embark on her journey in the steel and construction industry in the months to come. We’ve taken the opportunity to have a word with her to learn more of the headspace she is in, and the aspirations she carries as she courageously ventures into an industry that’s relentlessly devoid of innovation and creativity. We look forward to our engagement with the budding steel magnolia who is eager to bloom and bring dawn upon the sunset industry with a kaleidoscope of perspectives and solutions that are bright as day.

Megan will join Mlion with a Double Degree in Bachelor of Science (Economics) and Social Science (Political Science) with excellent credentials from the Singapore Management University (SMU). She expressed what had effortlessly solidified on her choice was Mlion’s reputation at being an innovative and forward-thinking organisation that commits to nurturing young talent into becoming future leaders – that resonated very strongly with her. The fact that Mlion pushes the boundaries set by industry norms through focus on innovations and its dedication at being a frontrunner at incorporating technology with solutions aligns impeccably with her own ideals and passions for the industry and to see it as it evolves.

Close to her heart are also topics pertaining to Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Having witnessed adverse consequences resulting from the neglect for the environment, she feels that embracing the sustainability cause is not only an ethical obligation but also a necessary one. Carefully calculated strategies need to be taken to foster innovation, invoke cooperation and to ensure a better quality of life for people now and the generations to come. Mlion has a strong sense of social responsibility towards communities in need that is supported with progressive thinking and high initiation and drive, to ensure continuity with the causes.

With CSR, Megan asserts its importance as it reflects an organisation’s commitment to ethical practices, community well-being, and environmental stewardship. CSR is a guideline that enforces businesses to take responsibility for their impact on society and the planet. With that, CSR results in more tangible outcomes and the impact it does for the communities and environment can be seen and felt. She is exceptionally impressed with Mlion’s involvement in CSR by the encouragement of participation of volunteer work through its staff. It shows that the entire organisation is one with social responsibility and responsiveness, and that is very inspiring for her.

Megan is a high achieving, multi-talented individual with boundless potential and innate creativity. We hope that her time with Mlion will enable her to tap into her passions towards professional development through the roles assigned to her. We look forward to share and expose her to invaluable experiences and opportunities of growth. We would like to welcome her into the Mlion family and may she find her time at Mlion to be fulfilling, meaningful and beneficial to her personally and professionally.

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