On 6 January 2023, a collective weight of 744 metric tonnes of various steel materials ranging from MHU Hot Rolled Type IV Steel Sheet Piles of varying lengths (15 and 18 meters), Beams, and Angle Bars were supplied to a temporary Earth Retaining Stabilising Structure (ERSS) project at Cluny Hill, Singapore.

The customer required the materials at different stages of the project as the project site does not have the space to facilitate the storage of materials. To that requirement, Mlion Corporation supported the customer with staggered delivery based strictly on the phases of the project as it unfolds. Mlion ensured that the customer received the customised lengths of sheet piles required, as the lengths requested were not readily available in the market.






































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Substructure Foundation Works for Drilling,Tunneling and Earth Retaining Structures.


Crane Rails and Accessories for Port
and Material Handling purposes.


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