With the frequent manifestation of intense tropical storms especially during the monsoon season in Singapore, several of its existing drainage systems have started to fail at circumventing the issues through fast and efficient water drainage and channelling to the respective catchments.

In the efforts towards upgrading and improving the drains and canals, the Benoi Road Outlet Drain was lined up for widening work which requires the implementation of a permanent sheet pile wall. To that, more than 3000 pieces are estimated for the project application. Mlion Corporation understood the challenges faced by Eng Lam Contractors Co (Pte) Ltd as the initial projected costings have increased exponentially due to post-Covid inflation coupled with manpower shortages. Our engineers studied the drainage detailed plan, and design considerations to explore various sheet pile options for the project.

It was finally determined that MHU section 4 with a 400mm width, flange, and web with a thickness of 15.5mm and section modulus of 2270cm3/m is the most ideal solution as it is highly cost-effective and it complies with the site situation with its tight clearance where the height of sheet piles needs to be kept within 370mm. MHU sheet piles are also easy to drive as their narrow U shape is optimised for the adaption of most piling equipment found in Asia.

2100 tons of MHU (S355GP) sheet piles have been delivered promptly since the commencement of the project in the fourth quarter of 2023 and continued service support and product delivery can be expected of Mlion Corporation till the expected project end date sometime in the second quarter of 2025.