Here at Mlion Corporation, we seek to work with our various stakeholders to continuously adapt the way we govern and run our business in order to create value for our society. We are committed to preserving our environment and are firm believers that a strong ESG proposition that is entrenched in the values of Mlion can contribute to the company’s long-term success.

Corporate sustainability looks into many different aspects of our daily operations and by making deliberate shifts in mindsets towards ESG focused thought processes, we can make positive differences. These can be simply in the form of the activities that we undertake to help the societies that we live and operate in, or in the way we partner with our stakeholders to reduce energy consumption or encourage a more sustainable use of materials in the construction sector.

Mlion has identified several key areas in which we feel we can make the biggest impact. These are: People, Environment, Organisation Governance and Community.

People, Human Rights and Labour Rights

We recognise and will uphold the law and regulations in, but not limited to, forced and child labour, harassment, diversity, equal opportunities, fair recruitment, fair evaluation or performance, healthy and safe workplace, personal and professional development, human resource procedures and organisation reporting structure.


Environment and Certification

It is important as an organisation to reduce our carbon emissions and work towards a sustainable ecological footprint. We reduce our activities on the environment by pursuing activities that promotes lower carbon emissions and encouraging the re-use and repurposing of metals in our trade.


Organisation and Governance

To monitor and be fully aligned, Mlion Corporation will be setting up an ESG Committee made up of Senior Management and Qualified Employees to monitor day-to-day running of operations.



We also would like to give back to the community in the areas of water related activities since it is strongly correlated to our core business. We therefore partner Local Government Authorities to further extent our involvement in waterway protection, upgrading, beautification and improvements so that communities can live and thrive in them.

The ESG policies, CSR activities and our commitment towards the 17 Sustainability Goals as laid out by the UNGC are efforts collectively in tandem, and testament to our show of commitment in maintaining the highest standards of integrity,ethics, and governance. We will continue to find ways of overcoming challenges, creating value and making a positive difference in the lives of our employees, customers, partners, and the community that we are in.

For more detailed information on the ESG Policies of Mlion Corporation, do refer to the document below.