Bukit Timah Canal Widening Project

About two years in, after providing steel sheet pile solutions for the canal widening project at Bukit Timah in August 2021 – the efforts towards flood mitigation and protection in the heavily populated area consisting of residential and commercial establishments are showing steady but promising progress. To date, a total of 2700 tons of steel materials, consisting predominantly of steel sheet piles, and S460 high-grade beams were supplied. 

The canal originally ends in a tight funnel due to its sides curving inwards and was narrow in its entire length which collectively proved highly ineffective at the drainage of immense volumes of water during seasonal storms and tropical downpours. This has resulted in flash floods without preemptive measures at hand to resolve the flooding issue fast, and that had caused considerable damage to properties and inconvenienced the lives of the communities within the area. The flood enhancement projects on the Bukit Timah Canal see an improvement with the deepening of the drainage waterway by 30 percent upon having raised a 450m stretch of road. Structural integrity improvements to the trapezoidal canal protect it against intense tropical storms during the Monsoon period, easing the potential risks of flash flooding. With the canal walls progressively widened, improvements towards flood prevention are felt by the communities as occurrences of flash flooding have become infrequent and an occasional issue. 











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